Kaiviti Silktails Appoint Head of Pathways

The Kaiviti Silktails are proud to announce their recently appointed Head of Pathways – Mr. Peni Tubakibau.

Peni brings with him a wealth of experience having been a former Fiji Bati player, and coach at both a national and international level.

He is also the current assistant coach for the Fiji Bulikula women’s rugby league team.

Peni has the passion and drive that we believe will add great value to our Kaiviti Silktails Pathways Program.

Upon appointment of this role, Peni stated;

“I am really honored to be selected as Head Of Pathways for the Kaiviti Silktails Program in 2022. I understand the challenges that are there as I move into this semi-professional environment. I believe my coaching and training experience, and my AirTraffic Control background will make this transition easier for me.

As a Coach, you have the opportunity almost everyday to change someone’s life. That is what I love about coaching, and I will make use of every opportunity to do just that.

As Head of Pathways, I will work closely with Secondary School Coaches, Club Coaches, and our EDP Coaches to ensure that the players identified to come through our pathway are taught well with the basics, so that the transition is smoother.”

Congratulations Peni! Welcome to the Silktails family.