Kaiviti Silktails Announce Tradies Tax As New Platinum Sponsor

The Kaiviti Silktails are excited to announce a new Platinum Sponsor joining their expanding list of incredible partners – Tradies Tax.

Tradies Tax is a bookkeeping service built specifically for tradies and is designed to help them take control of their finances.

Tradies Tax is based in Brisbane, Australia and allows tradespeople to focus on their work, whilst the Tradies Tax team focus on their books – helping growth businesses maintain their finances, improve cash flow and profitability, and be held accountable towards their goals.

They assist trade businesses by going onsite to do their tax work – saving tradies time as they subsequently don’t need to drive to their accountant’s office.

Kaiviti Silktails Club Chairman Petero Civoniceva is also a brand ambassador for Tradies Tax.

“Having that ability to be able to come out onsite sets them apart from everyone else in terms of being able to be easily accessible to young tradies, who are often very focused on what they’re doing– they’re out onsite, committed to the job, and often what happens, and not just with tradies but everyone in society, sometimes you forget about the financial perspective” Civoniceva said in relation to the benefits of Tradies Tax.

“…Having that one-stop shop for young tradies takes away that worry and concern they might have in their lives and provides a very simple service, but one that is essential to getting their job done”.

Many followers of the Silktails are notably tradespeople themselves, so to have Tradies Tax onboard as a Platinum Partner and for there to be a correlation between supporter needs and Kaiviti Silktails sponsor services creates a very exciting partnership.

With the Kaiviti Silktails Official Teamwear Supplier – Pacific Custom Sportswear (PCS) re-committing to the club for another 12 months, and currently in the process of manufacturing the 2022 gear, be sure to keep an eye out for the Tradies Tax logo positioned on the 2022 shorts.

The Kaiviti Silktails participation in the NSWRL Ron Massey Cup is proudly supported by the Australian Government through PacificAus Sports.

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